NärU presenterar: Möjligheter på Univrses

Want to build technologies for future society and industry?

Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company creating technologies to build the autonomous future. The Company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we work with clients in different industries all over the world.

We are developing a suite of products, called 3DAI® Engine, that can be adapted and deployed in different applications where autonomy and automation is needed. Our focus is on mobile robotics and autonomous driving and we work in technical areas like 3D Positioning, 3D Mapping, 3D Localization, Spatial Deep Learning and Sensor Fusion. The team consists of some of the best scientists and engineers within Computer Vision and Machine Learning in the world.

Sound interesting?

Univrses is constantly looking for skilled people to join our team in Södermalm, Stockholm. We currently have several open positions. Visit www.univrses.com/career to read about them!