Informationskväll hos IT-Bolaget Per & Per

Se hit! Nu på onsdag 18/10 bjuder IT – Bolaget Per & Per in till en informationskväll där vi presenterar exjobb inom:

  • Framtiden för Mixed Reality i skogen
  • Förbättra sömning av bilder från drönarflygning
  • Prestandamätning för sömning av bilder i Metal
  • IT-säkerhetsanalys av klusterbaserad data-applikation
  • Skalbarhet och prestanda i klusterbaserad databas
  • Testmetodik och Testnivå för mobil plattform

Hoppas vi ses!

DigiTalent Dinner Stockholm

An insightful Thursday evening awaits: discover tech strategy consulting in a relaxed dinner setting! 

BCG Platinion invites all students with a passion for technology to meet them in Stockholm! 

BCG Platinion is part of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with a focus on strategic tech advisory. They advance the tech agenda of their global clients by supporting them toward a successful digital future. 

On November 9, you get to dive into the world of management consulting with a tech twist and uncover international career opportunities that could await you. All while getting to know BCGers and other tech-interested participants! 

The evening will be kicked off at the BCG office in central Stockholm with a company presentation, including detailed case examples and insights into entry-level career opportunities. This will be followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant to continue discussions and make sure you get all of your questions answered. 

Caught your interest? Make sure to apply by October 29 to secure your spot. Follow this link for further details:  

Travel expenses from other parts of Sweden to Stockholm will be covered by BCG Platinion.